Silverton Boats for Sale by Owner: Explore the Market and Find Your Dream Boat

Discover the world of Silverton boats for sale by owner and embark on an extraordinary journey of finding your perfect vessel. From sleek and sporty models to spacious and luxurious cruisers, the Silverton brand offers a diverse range of boats that cater to every boating enthusiast’s needs and desires.

In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the intricacies of Silverton boats, exploring their specifications, features, performance, and more. Whether you’re a seasoned boater or just starting your nautical adventure, this guide will provide you with valuable insights and help you make an informed decision when purchasing a Silverton boat.

Silverton Boat Specifications

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Silverton boats are renowned for their impressive specifications and capabilities. These boats come in a range of models, each with unique dimensions, weight, capacity, and engine specifications.

The specifications of Silverton boats vary depending on the model and year of manufacture. However, there are some general trends that can be observed across the range.


Silverton boats are typically larger vessels, with lengths ranging from 25 to 50 feet. The beam, or width, of these boats can vary from 8 to 12 feet, providing ample space for passengers and crew.


The weight of Silverton boats varies depending on the model and size. Smaller models can weigh around 5,000 pounds, while larger models can exceed 20,000 pounds.

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Silverton boats have varying passenger capacities, depending on the model. Smaller models can accommodate up to 6 people, while larger models can accommodate up to 12 or more.

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Engine Specifications, Silverton boats for sale by owner

Silverton boats are typically powered by inboard or sterndrive engines. The engine power can range from 150 to 400 horsepower, providing ample power for cruising and water sports.

Silverton Boat Features

Silverton boats for sale by owner

Silverton boats are renowned for their exceptional features and amenities that enhance the boating experience. From spacious cabins to well-equipped entertainment systems, Silverton boats offer a luxurious and comfortable environment on the water.

One of the key features of Silverton boats is their spacious cabins. The cabins are designed to provide ample headroom and living space, making them ideal for extended trips or overnight stays. The cabins are typically equipped with comfortable seating, a galley, and a private head.

Silverton boats also feature versatile seating arrangements that cater to different preferences and activities. The cockpits are designed to provide ample seating for guests, while the bow areas often feature sun loungers or seating areas for relaxation.

Storage compartments are another important feature of Silverton boats. The boats are equipped with numerous compartments throughout the cabin and cockpit, providing ample space for storing gear, supplies, and personal belongings.

Entertainment systems are also a key feature of Silverton boats. Many models come equipped with premium sound systems, DVD players, and televisions, ensuring that guests can enjoy their favorite music and movies while on the water.

Unique Features

In addition to their standard features, Silverton boats also offer a number of unique features that differentiate them from other brands. One of these features is the Silverton Command Center. The Command Center is a centralized control system that allows the captain to easily monitor and control all aspects of the boat, including navigation, lighting, and engine performance.

Another unique feature of Silverton boats is their patented Seakeeper gyro stabilization system. The Seakeeper system helps to reduce boat roll and stabilize the ride, providing a more comfortable and enjoyable experience for guests.

Silverton Boat Performance

Silverton boats are known for their exceptional performance capabilities, delivering a balance of speed, handling, and fuel efficiency. These boats are designed to provide a thrilling and enjoyable boating experience, whether you’re cruising on calm waters or navigating choppy seas.

Speed and Handling

Silverton boats are equipped with powerful engines that enable them to reach impressive speeds. The larger models, such as the Silverton 420 Sport, can achieve speeds of up to 40 knots, while smaller models like the Silverton 230 WA can reach speeds of up to 30 knots.

The boats’ hulls are designed with a deep-V shape that provides excellent stability and handling, even in rough conditions. The hulls also feature chines and strakes that help to reduce drag and improve fuel efficiency.

Fuel Efficiency

Despite their impressive performance, Silverton boats are also known for their fuel efficiency. The boats’ hulls are designed to minimize drag, and the engines are optimized for fuel efficiency. As a result, Silverton boats can travel long distances on a single tank of fuel.

For example, the Silverton 362 Sundancer can travel up to 300 miles on a single tank of fuel at a cruising speed of 25 knots.

Silverton Boat Pricing and Availability

The pricing range for Silverton boats varies depending on factors such as the model, size, age, and condition of the boat. Generally, newer and larger models with more features will command a higher price. The availability of Silverton boats for sale by owner can also impact pricing, as used boats may be available at a lower cost than new boats.

Purchasing Used Silverton Boats

For those looking to purchase a used Silverton boat, there are several options available. Online marketplaces such as YachtWorld and BoatTrader offer a wide selection of used Silverton boats for sale by owner. Additionally, local boat dealers may have used Silverton boats available, and attending boat shows can also provide opportunities to find used boats for sale.

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When purchasing a used Silverton boat, it is important to carefully inspect the boat and have it surveyed by a qualified marine surveyor to assess its condition. This can help to ensure that the boat is in good working order and free of any major defects.

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Silverton Boat Maintenance and Ownership

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Silverton boats are known for their durability and longevity, but like any boat, they require regular maintenance to keep them in top condition. Proper maintenance can help extend the life of your Silverton boat and protect your investment.

Regular Servicing

Silverton boats should be serviced by a qualified marine mechanic at least once a year. This service should include a thorough inspection of the boat’s hull, engine, and electrical systems. The mechanic should also check the boat’s fluids, filters, and belts.

Final Summary: Silverton Boats For Sale By Owner

Silverton boats for sale by owner

As you set sail with your Silverton boat, may it bring you countless moments of joy, adventure, and lasting memories. Remember, the journey of owning a Silverton boat is not just about the destination but the experiences you create along the way.

Common Queries

What are the benefits of buying a Silverton boat from an owner?

Buying a Silverton boat from an owner can offer several benefits, including the potential for lower prices, the ability to negotiate directly with the seller, and the opportunity to learn more about the boat’s history and maintenance.

How can I find Silverton boats for sale by owner?

There are several ways to find Silverton boats for sale by owner, such as online marketplaces, classified ads, and boat shows. You can also contact local marinas and dealerships to inquire about any available boats.

What should I consider when purchasing a used Silverton boat?

When purchasing a used Silverton boat, it’s important to consider factors such as the boat’s age, condition, maintenance history, and any necessary repairs or upgrades. It’s also a good idea to have a qualified marine surveyor inspect the boat before making a purchase.